Mission:  Creating a ‘coalition of conscience’ among people across the political and national divides who can focus the moral imperatives of human security and establish the trust to work together for solutions.

Background: Human security – in contrast to military security – provides a context for constructive engagement between Australia, New Zealand and their Pacific / Asian neighbours. Fundamentally, human security involves a range of moral survival issues requiring political solutions: Food security and land-use; ensuring vital water supplies; energy security; economic security; refugees and border protection; climate change; security from armed conflict.

Approached on the basis of narrow self-interest, the moral dimensions of these issues mostly get lost in a divisive political discourse. By arguing over who is right instead of what is right, creative and uniting solutions are sacrificed to turf wars and short-term political advantage. But the most effective solutions require partnerships, coalition-building, and people working together.


  • Through small-scale dialogues and one-on-one conversations, to build a ‘Coalition of Conscience’ which can clarify the moral imperatives — the search for ‘What is Right’ — without finger-pointing or blame;
  • ensure that all stake-holders are invited to be a part of the search for solutions, and that their perspectives are heard;
  • focus on taking responsibility – so that everyone involved in the conversation feels personally responsible and empowered to take action;
  • frame the debate within the reality of human interdependence: We are all passengers on space-ship earth whatever our wealth, power and status, or lack of it. If the ship goes down everyone goes down with it.

Who should be involved: Anyone who wants to move beyond divisive debates and take responsibility for human security. In the first place we are looking for leaders within civil society, spiritual communities, academia, business and political organisations who resonate with this vision and who are willing to put in the time and effort to build a coalition of conscience on human security.


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